The Problem
Create an unauthenticated experience prior to login. What account information can be shown?

Action Taken
Discovery. Legal had already said no, several times. My PO and I sat down and started looking at other bank apps. We found a small number of large banks that had unauthenticated experiences that showed balances and in some cases the last 3-5 transactions.

Design. I started iterating and wireframing. This being an experience outside the app allowed me more flexibility. It needed to look like the Capital One app but have a clear unauthenticated distinction. We settled on two versions, built prototypes and took them to research. Findings were split down the middle. We made an executive decision, going with a version more closely tied to existing components.

My Product Owner, was able to negotiate with a Card team to develop this initial version for single credit card holders. Based on feedback and data, we launched it to all customers on the platform.

Accounts at a Glance is an opt-in service provided to customers on Android. The feature appears over top of the log in screen in a pre-authenticated state. The user can immediately see balances, due dates and reward information. To view more, they are then taken to their login and deep linked to that specific information within the app.


Type of Work

Side of Desk


Capital One, Enterprise EASE Design