How can we provide basic account information, pre-authentication, in one tap?

Our top competitors had recently introduced account views without the user having to log in. Data, like account balances and due dates, were available prior to log in. We needed to work with our legal department to create a distinctive Capital One version of these experiences.

This project was going to be tested on consumer card, single account owners on Android.

This became a side of desk project for a product owner in Consumer Card. He reached out to me to join his small team as design support on the project.

The two of us tag teamed the initial research and discovery, reviewing our competitors and the legal paths they took to present this data.

From there, we pulled in additional people from tech, research and data, journey mapping and white boarding over several days. I then took all of those concepts and began wire framing. Throughout this process the PO and I met each week to review and discuss. We eventually settled on two of our seven concepts. I then took those two and began working through high res wireframes.

As we refined the two flows, I built out working prototypes and we conducted in person user research. Settling on a final experience, we went in search of a development team with bandwidth. A team located in San Francisco offered up their services. Working with their PO and Scrum Master, we set up ceremonies and I walked the developers through the flow. Over the course of several months and flights to San Fran, we made it to production, releasing to 20% of single account card holders.

Since we had overcome the legal hurdles, one of the iOS development teams decided to move forward with an account widget on the iPhone Today View.

Out of the initial launch to half a million users, 17% opted into Glance during the first two months. It was then release to all consumer card holders and later to bank account holders. Eventually reaching all servicing account holders.



  • Journey mapping
  • Android UX/UI
  • iOS consulting
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Research
  • User testing
  • Design strategy
  • UX vision
  • Relationship building
  • Shepherding
  • Facilitation

Project Feedback

“Kim is a very strong designer and I enjoy working with her. Her passion for finding the right solution, and not simply churning out the quickest solution, is refreshing. Particularly in our work together on Glance, I have appreciated her assistance in leading the effort.”

~ Product Owner, Accounts at a Glance