This is part of the FTF (Flip the Funnel) lane that strives to implement features to minimize calls to our call center, thus reducing overall costs. Calls in regards to fraud top the list of call volume.

Visa and Mastercard each have their own rules and requirements when it comes to reporting fraud. Those requirements can be lengthy and tedious. We needed to design a flow, accounting for the variations, back end calls, error scenarios, review and editing.

This was a new kind of problem to solve for our servicing app. We had a lot of questions to ask in a variety of formats. Hub and spoke was going to be an ADD nightmare. I worked through the flow to be safe. Oof. It made sense to have an exception. Hub and spoke was ideal for short, concise forms. It took users through the move money flow but when we go beyond 5ish items, we needed to switch to a linear approach bookended with hub/review type screen.

I worked closely with the devs to determine when and where the back end calls needed to happen and how the requirements changed based on submitted responses.

I worked through a variety of options. I found that in our current UI some of the user input components, when stacked together, looked cluttered. So many horizontal lines. It was difficult to determine what was a row divider and what was a text field input. So I went to work redesigning the user components for longer form flows that would clear up the UI to provide more clarity to the user. Those new component variations were contributed back to the design system library and documentation.

This new linear pattern was implemented and became a set pattern for longer user tasks.

However, this project become an unexpected learning experience. I was quite proud of my work and how I was able to simplify a rather complicated flow. But with its first month in production mobile fraud reports exploded. At first we thought, “Wow, there is so much fraud that people are able to report this way. Awesome!”

No. Not awesome. The flow was so easy that users were reporting fraud any moment there was a charge they didn’t immediately recognize. Those crazy numbers, were for false fraud reports.

There are times when cognitive resistance is actually necessary. Ease of use isn’t always the best path forward. Although, I am quite proud that I was able to design an experience that was so easy and effortless to use, I’m thankful to have gained such valuable insight. Who knew?


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