Joni Pepin & Team

User Experience
Kim Spencer

The Android Summit planning committee reached out for help in designing the conference app for the upcoming summit. The tech lead had a small team of interns that would build out the app.

The app would be the primary resource for attendees. App requirements, along with the color palette were:

  • Provide venue information
  • Highlight tracks
  • Schedule overviews
  • Speaker and session details
  • Twitter feed

Taking into consideration that the developers were a college and high school intern, I jumped into Material Design 2.0, using pure components and starting building. I tested out a few new features, theming my designs in Sketch. I wasn’t crazy about the color palette but I had to make it work. 

I created two different approaches and sent those flows over to the dev team. After a short discussion and some final decisions, I finished up the high res designs, compiled all of the assets and sent them over.

It was a quick, fun project that allowed me to focus on the purity of the Material components without having to brand them too heavily. The talented interns built out the app using the code provided by Google to pull together an experience without too many complications.


  • Android UX/UI
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Design strategy