Over the course of the years, opinions change and evolve, interests and inspiration ebbs and flows. As focuses shift and life takes on it’s many twists and turns, I find myself in an awkward place. In my younger days, my creative outlets had purpose. They came from a clearly identified source. After three college degrees and many successful professional endeavors, I now find that my creative purpose eludes me. The myriad array of ideas and concepts swimming about my brain seem scattered and unrelated. So what do I do to resolve this? How do I go about reclaiming my artist voice?

That’s the question that now begs a response. As the smell of baking cookies rise from our downstairs neighbor’s kitchen, I am curious as to what give me purpose, drive and inspiration? What do they have in common? How are they each unique? Surely countless others have found themselves in a similar predicament. New parents attempting to reclaim their identity amidst new responsibilities and expectations. Those recently completing advanced degrees and trying to figure out the next steps.

I find myself in a precarious position. My creative mind continues to sprout concepts and ideas but finding the time for exploration and execution is for the most part, fleeting. How have others struggled with this? My need to find and clarify my purpose, my voice, has quickly become a source of motivation and focus.

So, what now? I make a point to set aside time to read, research, communicate and create with one common goal: to find my definitive artistic voice.