The Problem
Due to a department reorg, we had a plethora of designers that would begin designing for native. Most of these designers had little experience designing for native, especially Android.

Action Taken
Working very quickly, I built out the EASE Android Sketch UI Library. I took the approach to provide as much of the UI components as possible, making each component editable to accommodate the variations between the four lines of business. I wanted to enable designers to quickly drag and drop UI elements into a sketch file to build out full flows, making customizations along the way. I ensured that each component had all available variations. This put more work on me, but would save designers valuable time as well as empowering them on an unfamiliar platform.

Well over 100 designers have consumed the UI Kit. It has streamlined their process and allowed them to design much more quickly. They still have questions, but those center around the use of a Bottom Sheet vs a Dialog.


Type of Work



Capital One, Enterprise EASE Design