The Send Money with Zelle flow consisted of Send Money with 360 checking, Send Money with retail checking, Settings, Request Money and Activity.

The Problem
Capital One Bank had its own send money feature. But all the major banks came together to incorporate a third party app within their user experiences. The Zelle experience and brand guidelines reflected a very different approach to sending money. While some banks chose to plug the Zelle app, as is, into their app, we found it jarring and disjointed. In fact, it neglected at least 13 different user journeys and contained significant accessibility issues. We were very concerned that implementing Zelle within the Capital One app was going to significantly degrade our user's experience.

Action Taken
They required a linear approach that steered away from our hub and spoke model. I went through several rounds and a lot of push back with EWS.

This experience diverts from our standard hub/spoke model. I was able to negotiate a flow that does not confuse our users and still looks and feels like it's part of EASE. We also provided EWS a detailed list of UX issues in their flow requirements as well as the use cases it was not accounting for. As a result they have given Capital One more leeway in how we interpret their requirements. They also use our integration as an example for other financial institutions. 


Type of Work



Capital One, Bank