The Problem
Customers were contacting the call centers asking about their APR, annual fees and cash advance balances, just to name a few. These were the details that were only found on the monthly statement. We needed to get those details into the EASE mobile app experience.

Action Taken
For Android, we had an account details section that would expand when the user tapped the hero number. Currently, there was very little information there. Here was the opportunity to build out the feature. Armed with the included data points, I iterated on the account detail expansion panel that would house the explanation copy for almost each item.

Working with our business partners, I had the final, legally approved copy. I chose to go with expanding rows instead of a new screen, bottom sheet or dialog. Fortunately, the content was very brief. Therefore, I recommended the expanding rows. They took up little space but most importantly, they were not intrusive.

Call volume dropped.

*Note the Call Out, (cyan chat box). This is how we call out small enhancements.


Type of Work



Capital One, Enterprise EASE Design, Card