This is part of the FTF (Flip the Funnel) lane that strives to implement features to minimize calls to our call center, thus reducing overall costs.

Action Taken
This was a new problem to solve. We had a lot of questions to ask in a variety of formats. Hub and Spoke was going to be an ADD nightmare. I worked through the flow to be safe. Woof. So it made sense to have an exception. Hub and Spoke was ideal for short, concise forms. It led you through the Money Movement experience. But when we go beyond 5ish items, we need to switch to a linear approach that wraps up on a hub type screen.

This new linear pattern was implemented and became a set pattern for longer user tasks. There are planned enhancements to eliminate taps between active items that would further streamline the experience.


Type of Work



Capital One, EASE Design, Card (Team Panda)