Despite the growth of the mobile environment, we continued on our safe and steady path of desktop web design. We admit, at times, mobile was an afterthought. In the last year we made the decision that all of our web sites would be responsive and we built that into our process.

But in the last few months, we have found ourselves working more exclusively on mobile. We can thank one of our clients for that. As a result we can now say wholeheartedly, that we drank the punch.

We’re turning our thinking around and putting mobile in its rightful place—at the beginning. Over 50% of web access is from a handheld device and it is expected to exceed desktop access in the next year. It’s not just about web sites, it’s about web and mobile applications. It’s about iPads in your refrigerator door, iOS 7 in your car, the internet on your wrist. It’s about user experience.

“…mobile is where the whole web and world are going in a headlong rush.” ~ Jeffrey Zeldman

This is just the beginning.

The internet is no longer an isolated ‘sit at your desk’ experience. It moves and follows us on our path through life. It is as organic and ever evolving as we are.

On that note, Protozoa Design is now embracing the Mobile First philosophy. We have a couple of mobile apps in the works that are inspiring us to greater clarity in our thinking, our process and our creative endeavors.

Bring on the mojo.

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