sadA few months ago I was asked to participate in the First International Skull Appreciation Day Invitational Exhibition. I was flattered to be asked and very excited. After an extended period of careful thought and research, I finally settled on a concept, the duality of man. Yes, it is a line from Stanley Kubrick’s, A Full Metal Jacket. But aside from that, it is a facet that has been reflected in my graduate work in the communication of film. As the concept of the Gothic emerged in the Romantic Period, duality became a primary theme. This was carried through into the Victorian era and is still relevant today. This piece entitled, Duality, reflects my thoughts on the subject in a  whimsical manner while embracing the style of one of my favorite artists, Tim Burton.


This is a frontal view. It was inspired by a series of drawings Tim Burton created that I found in my research online.

Each artist received a paper mache head in which to begin their work. The only criteria was that the head had to be used. The size and medium applied was completely up to each individual artist.

This is the first true piece of pure art that I have made in some time. I was entertained by the “designer rules” that kept creeping into my head about proportion and communication. “It’s ART” I kept telling myself. I became increasing anxious over the materials I was using. “Is this too crafty? Is it not sophisticated enough, refined enough? Will it seem cheesy?”


Needless to say I am very happy with the results. I dropped it off at Gallery 5 yesterday. The skulls are being sold to raise money for the Richmond Peace Education Center. I have to admit, I rather miss it. I hope it finds a good home.


Here’s a back/internal view. It provides an unexpected sight. Butterflies, unicorns and flowers… and lots of glitter. This is so not me but I had fun making it. And I have to say that it’s not me with a grain of salt. Not me, now. When I was 10, YES.

I’m curious to see what the other artists did with their skulls. The opening is on June 3rd as part of the First Fridays Art Walk here in Richmond.