Let’s Make a Giant Book!

I wanted it to be bigger. I had been staring at this gargantuan box for weeks. Then, an email came in asking for help on a presentation. I jumped on a call and was immediately confused that it needed to scroll. “So, what is it that you need, exactly?” I had power point in my head but then she explained that it was a physical prop that was needed not

Move Over Desktop

Despite the growth of the mobile environment, we continued on our safe and steady path of desktop web design. We admit, at times, mobile was an afterthought. In the last year we made the decision that all of our web sites would be responsive and we built that into our process. But in the last few months, we have found ourselves working more exclusively on mobile. We can thank one

First International Skull Appreciation Day Invitational Exhibition

A few months ago I was asked to participate in the First International Skull Appreciation Day Invitational Exhibition. I was flattered to be asked and very excited. After an extended period of careful thought and research, I finally settled on a concept, the duality of man. Yes, it is a line from Stanley Kubrick’s, A Full Metal Jacket. But aside from that, it is a facet that has been reflected


Over the course of the years, opinions change and evolve, interests and inspiration ebbs and flows. As focuses shift and life takes on it’s many twists and turns, I find myself in an awkward place. In my younger days, my creative outlets had purpose. They came from a clearly identified source. After three college degrees and many successful professional endeavors, I now find that my creative purpose eludes me. The