The deeper you go the more likely you will discover something of value.

Must fight brain… oh my god, I want to make so many potty humor cracks here, but I have to stop myself. Of course, I could also go the football route since the SuperBowl was last night. Bill made a seven layer dip last year. As part of his “going deep” he decided to turn it into an art project and depict a play on top using black olives.

Moving on…

Digging uncovers truths and understanding. It can provide an unexpected perspective. I think this connects well with people. I’ve worked with my share of personality types but I have found that when you run up against someone who is less than savory, it’s time to dig. I don’t mean digging into their public court records, but taking some extra time to get to know who they are.

I worked with a developer who had a reputation for being difficult. He was, especially when it came to working with designers. As a team, we would meet up for happy hour and by the second or third, I noticed he didn’t drink. I was pregnant at the time so I started sitting next to him. Recalling a few things I knew about him, I started asking him safe questions. Once the ice was broken, I felt more comfortable probing further into his personal life. As it turned out, we had a lot in common both direct and indirect. We connected. I had a better understanding of where he was coming from, why he sometimes butted heads with people. As I result our working relationship started running much more smoothly. We could discuss issues and challenges without the wall of defense. It was a game changer. It didn’t solve all the issues, but we removed a major hurdle and became good friends.

Go deep.